Cabinet refinishing Roswell Ga

How Much Does it Cost to Refinish Cabinets in Roswell Georgia?

Well, it is a lot cheaper to refinish your cabinets than do buy and install a new set of cabinets— That us for sure!

Now for your particular situation…

  • What kind of cabinets are your refinishing? Kitchen cabinets or a bathroom vanity?
  • Do you want them stripped, sanded, stained?
  • Or do you want to paint your cabinets?
  • Is the home occupied or empty?
  • Are the cabinets mounted or free standing?
  • Will you be keeping the original hardware or are we replacing it?

Cabinet refinishing Quotes for Roswell Ga

Here at In and out Cabinetry, we have teamed up with the best cabinet refinishing company in Cherokee County….Introducing:

Sunset Cabinet Refinishing
110 Cook Xing, Suite A
Woodstock, Ga 30188

Your kitchen cabinet refinishing experts will come to your home and give you a quote. Together you will find the perfect color for your cabinetry. Next the cabinet doors will be removed and taken back to the shop where they will be sanded, p[rimed, resanded and finally spray painted with a glass like finish!