IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Project Goes Wrong

I-Team’s Call For Action Gets Woman $4,000 Refund After IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Project Goes Wrong


Are you thinking about getting IKEA kitchen cabinets in Woodstock Ga?


You may want to think again after reading this news update.


When Linda Finlay of Marlboro ordered new kitchen cabinets from IKEA in August, she hoped to have them installed in time to cook Thanksgiving dinner. Instead, she’s making do with plastic bins for makeshift cabinets and running down to the bathroom sink for water.

Finlay ripped out her kitchen after folks at IKEA designed a new layout with all new cabinets for her mobile home.

“They had to come out three or four times to remeasure,” she explained.

Once the plans were set, she paid IKEA $4,000 for the job. But when the day finally came to install the cabinets on her bare walls?

“One of the installers said no, we don’t do mobile homes. Are you kidding me?” she said.

After several phone calls to IKEA, Finlay decided she needed to return the cabinets for the kitchen, but that didn’t go well either. Learn more…